About LSD


Lucid SFX Development is a digital production company at the forefront of the visual effects industry specializing in visual effects and computer animation for feature films, television commercials, independent movies, and music videos. Innovation of technological hardware and software as well as artistic expression are intrinsic to LSD, whatever the medium being worked in at the time. A combination of knowledge and richness of content, LSD pushes the limits to illuminate ideas and inspire images for the ever-changing world of entertainment.  


We offer a variety of digital media and production sevices and solutions. Our symposium of professional film crew and artists exemplify the epitome of cohesive team players. Our effective teamwork goes beyond our own individual accomplishments which allows us to harmonize each of our unique contributions and streamline the workflow, bringing our clients the best possible completed project in the most effcient way possible.  


Art can be defined as the arrangement of colors, forms, or other perceived elements in a manner that affects its audience by stroking the audience's perception and emotional senses. At Lucid SFX Development, we define art as the completion of our client's vision. We take pride in developing the vision, molding it into shape and exposing the finished project to an audience with the knowledge and confidence that every artistic sense of the audience is stimulated at maximum potential. We turn dreams into reality.